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Clearwater Candle companies inspiration for a unique, hand made, all natural soy candle came from the northwest where we live. Located on the beautiful clearwater river in the northern part of idaho where there is plenty of salmon and steelhead, and surrounded by national forest where wildlife runs wild. We saw a true need for a candle that is unique and not machine made. We mix our soy in small 4 lb batches and hand pour the soy into there containers. We also use a all natural cotton wick, and tie the bows with hemp bringing a true artisian candle back to our industry that does not contain any soot or toxins and burns up to 30% longer. Best of all they are made in the USA. Try them and you will not be dissappointed.

All of the prices are set at the suggested retail prices. We will be displaying all of our candles and fragerances, and also have a wholesale selection for options for first time businesses. Register to keep up to date.


We have merged all our soy candles and many other items such as body butter, all natural soap, all natural deodorant, Hemp Lip Balm, essential oils, Mica, and others to our new website . Click here to see it